how to make a mold

how to make a mold for plastic

How to Make a Mold for Plastic Injection Molding

How to make a mold for plastic

How to make a mold for plastic injection

Mold is one of the main components of process injection molding. The satisfying product will reached with good mold. If you are a layman of mold process injection molding, you are really has a question in your mind: how to make a mold to get the best result of injection molding process?

There are several things about how to make a mold that you must observe when design mold.

  1. Determine product and material. Of course you must do this. How you can make a mold if no yet idea product will produce. This is first important step how to make a mold. You must design detail product construction to get perfect strength according the application and what material will use to reach optimal benefit.
  2. Determine machine will use. With looking at the product, you can to estimate what machine can be used. It is important to get the cheapest cost with using low energy.
  3. Determine mold construction. You must determine mold construction to get the simplest but optimal mold appropriate the product. It will save your money from prodigality because consuming mold material left over. The mold dimension is must suitable with machine that will be used.
  4. Calculate shrinkage of material. Plastic is material that to be involved shrinking when melts condition to be solid condition. Each plastic material has different percentage of shrinkage. You must to know shrinkage percentage of material that will use. It was really important to determine cavity dimension to get perfect product dimension according your desire.
  5. Attention to the correct runner and gate. Runner is shortly possible to inside of cavity. With size enough and shape gate will make material easy to flow inside the cavity.
  6. Calculate the mold venting. The mold venting is use to flow the air out of the cavity when the plastic material come inside to the cavity. If the air can’t to out from the cavity it will cause the defect in surface of product (weld line or burn mark). The mold venting is makes in the farthest point of gate and the surface cavity that air can’t to out when plastic material come inside. The size of mold venting is must accurate. There are still defect in surface of product causes the air can’t discarded perfectly if the venting size too small. If the venting size is too large, it will causes flash/burry that need more process to finishing.
  7. Attention to mold temperature control. Mold temperature is one of many aspects that influence injection molding process. Each type of plastic material required each temperature mold. It was determine of the stable of product dimension. Mold temperature control equipment that popular are chiller and MTC (Mold Temperature Controller).

Those are the minimum requirement of how to make a mold plastic injection molding. Hopefully it can to add your knowledge about how to make a mold plastic injection molding.

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